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 To combat exclusion from school is to give children a chance to live !


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According to the UNICEF, 52 million children living in sub-Saharan Africa are orphans, of which 15.2 million have been orphaned by Aids. Over the last decade the proportion of children orphaned by Aids has progressed from 3.5% to 32%. In Uganda 30% of the children suffer from stuntedness and growth retardation due to malnutrition.


The children are thus doubly victims since they can only go to school occasionally or not at all due to their vulnerable situation. Some, very young take to the streets of large cities, sometimes in groups, trying to find food, but they are also exposed to delinquency, drugs, sexual abuse or being enlisted by force as child soldiers, mercenaries in the civil wars that ravage certain regions. The marginalization which causes this situation also leads to the development of other diseases, especially malaria and tuberculosis.


The School System 

The figures show that a child that abandons school is three times more likely to become seropositive with HIV than a child that finishes his schooling.

Primary school is in principle free, but the families of the pupils must contribute to the upkeep of the buildings. Classes of 80 children do not allow the pupils to learn enough to pass the exams that are necessary to continue to secondary school, other semi-state schools are better provided for, but the fees are very expensive.



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