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The education of orphans and street children is at the centre of our activities


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School against Aids is a Swiss, non-profit, independent organization founded in 2002 to provide schooling for 22 orphans in Uganda. The association grew very quickly and expanded its projects to Zambia and then to Kenya. To date a board of 7 voluntary members, based in Geneva, is responsible for 6 projects.

Our objectives are to create favourable conditions for the education of OVC (orphans and vulnerable children) and to see to it that our initiatives lead to a sustainable and social economy.

Indeed, we believe that the right to education is a question of equality and social justice: the aim is to enable future adults to escape poverty by having remunerated jobs, to enable them to pay for the education of their own children, to provide for their own needs and those of their families, and to protect themselves and their families against diseases.

Our mission consists in supporting projects which have been initiated locally: we collaborate directly with the schools or with local NGO partners respecting their choices and their methods of management.

One of the founding principles of School against Aids is the respect of equality between boys and girls. We offer assistance to children based on need regardless of race, religion or political affiliation.



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Present commitee :

Ewa Miazza, Chairwoman
Jean-Marc Bacchiocchi, Treasurer
Suzanne Kunz, Secretary
Laure Bacchiocchi
Antje Kessler
Christine Pellegrini
François Zanetta 

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